Some of the MCCPA fun for 2017

16th Annual Neffsville Car Show

On Saturday September 16, Several MCCPA members headed to the 16th Annual Neffsville Car Show. The show is held at the Manheim Township Community Park. The show is known for having a large amount of fine automobiles. The show also featured live music and unbelievable grand prize of diamond earrings.

It is always fun to meet up and arrive together.

This looks like Doug forgot to set the parking brake.

A great group photo, thumbs up!

A rare option for the Mustang, a TV. Which is much safer than texting.

Neffsville is large show with many different types of cars, even so, the Mustangs are well represented.

The Mustang’s fast cousin the Colbra.

Dale is wondering if he should let what is in this trailer out…

Some of the nice autos present.

Fun and games, Some of the ladies (and Dan} knitted, During an intense game of duck duck goose, Doug fell getting grass stains all over his white shirt. Doug didn’t want to look messy to go to dinner so he used SNSCroftgate Wash and Wax to clean his shirt and it looked brand new, Shane will be proud. Also, some played on the Jungle gym. The good news is that no one had lasting injury’s…

MCCPA had several door prize winners., Dan won a Stoner Car Kit, Doug Zarker won a Doggie Basket and Jennifer Gamber won a bejeweled key chain usb drive. A fun show, thanks to Doug Crawford setting up the parking for us.