Some of the MCCPA fun for 2018

Battleship New Jersey Cruise

On Sunday, October 14th, a few MCCPA members drove to Camden, NJ to tour the Battleship New Jersey with Stang Magazine. Altogether, 130 Mustangs came out for the event. A few Mustangs drove all the way from Florida to tour the ship. The weather cooperated and touring the ship was really cool. Fun Fact: The Battleship New Jersey fired 5,800 shells from it's Big Guns. Each shell was fired with 660 pounds of gun powder. That's a lot of gun powder to haul around.

A nice selection of Mustangs

A Motley crew (no metal umlauts)...

Captain we have a lock on the Camaro on the bridge.

Some images that show the presence of the Battleship New Jersey. Thanks to Stang Magazine for organizing the cruise.